Band Members

John Swenner Swensen - Lead Vocals
Lead Vocals

“Swen”, or “Swenner”, as his friends love to call him, is a master at working the crowd. Oh, and did we mention the guy can sing too? John WILL get you in the mood to party – or else! You’ve probably seen him over the last couple decades rocking with his former band, Cherry Pie, or his previous projects Chyna (L.A.), Love Gun (Minneapolis), Beyond the Mirror (Milwaukee) and Arra (Chicago).

Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

One of the things that makes a Kings of Radio show an experience is watching this guy expertly tear off your favorite guitar riffs of all time. Don’t stand too close or it might melt your face off – or so they say! Dan’s been playing out in clubs since before his voice dropped, and chances are you’ve seen him with his previous projects like Union City, Photopsia, MAMA award-winners Gladstone and Mighty Electric.

Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Dann is the newest member of KOR, and has been in a number of bands, including Cherry Pie, with John. His stage energy and antics, which have been honed over many years of touring and rocking stages across the country, rival John and Bob’s. Stand in front of this guy if you wanna watch someone get their rock AND roll on!


Tom may be hidden in the back behind all that drum hardware, but he is a master at driving the rocking and the rolling so you can bang your head all night long. Like the other fellas, Tom has been in a lot of projects over the years, most notably Photopsia, MAMA award-winners Gladstone, and Mighty Electric.

Rhythm Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals

Bob is known as the band’s wildman on stage – never a dull moment with the guy and his passion and energy cannot be denied! When Bob and John get the hair flying you know the party is now at cruising altitude and in full swing. Bob was a long-time member of the Fox Valley’s Spin band and moved down to Madison where he met the other fellas in Gladstone (see the connections here?).