About Kings of Radio

Kings of Radio are a 5-piece rock cover band playing big hair 80’s hits, with a splash of some newer songs thrown in for extra spice, that has been tearing up stages across southern Wisconsin for almost 10 years. 

Based in southern Wisconsin, the band is comprised of seasoned veterans from some of the areas most successful projects over the last 20 years. Kings of Radio, and it’s members, have played pretty much every festival, firemen’s dance, county fair, and club between Milwaukee and the far south western reaches of Wisconsin, as well as supported many national acts such as Queensryche, Warrant, Stryper, Winger, and Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime. This experience not only makes them recognizable faces, but experienced entertainers who know how to work a stage and audience. The group can engage everything from a small club type audience up to large stages as a supporting act for national artists.

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    The Show

    Kings of Radio fall more into the “show band” category. This is a bit of an older term, but what it means is the band’s production and presentation is scaled up to represent more of a professional show and concert-type experience.

    The band contracts with some of the best sound and lighting contractors in the region so you can expect a first-class experience that ties in directly with the band’s set. Kings of Radio work with these contractors to bring in the right amount of production equipment to cover the venue type, size, and crowd. Providing us with this information when contacting us about booking and pricing helps us right-size the show to your venue and provide a proper quote.

    The group’s set can cover up to 3 and a half hours of music, (2) 1hr45min sets, and is designed to keep the audience engaged and having a great time.